The Equilibrium story is one based in fitness destiny. It all began when I (Matias, a sports loving guy) met Juan (a yoga instructor) in a yoga class. We shared not only our passion for sports but also our desire to get kids up and moving their bodies.



We brainstormed ways to get kids moving while having fun at the same time. The result was the early concept for what would become our award winning best-selling Yoga Spinner Game. We founded Upside Down Games and move from Argentina to Los Angeles to manufacture and sell the game in the US.

After lots of testing and editing, the Yoga Spinner was released to the US market in 2013 and swept the industry awards. In 2015 we licensed the game to Thinkfun; since then the game is being successfully sold all over the world.

Our Yoga Spinner buyers provided invaluable feedback and some seriously funny pictures, too. One of the pictures we received showed little Rita doing a yoga pose while balancing a pencil box on her head. Apparently she was playing the game with her mother when her brother passed by and placed the box on Rita’s head.


I immediately had a vision of a new game that combined the physical fitness and moves from all different sports with balance and focus. Given today’s issues with kids and electronics and childhood obesity, I knew I was on to something. But I also knew that the game needed to be fun. And engaging. And it had to encourage movement.



I developed the game (with Juan’s help, of course!) and got together with TUTE, the most prestigious humorist and cartoonist in Argentina. He loved the game and honored us by creating the amazing characters shown on the cards.

And here we are, nearly three years later and having accomplished all three goals I looked for a game:

it’s fun, it’s engaging, it encourages movement

This is the Equilibrium Story. If you agree that the world could use just a bit more balance, join our Kickstarter campaign (starting on September 10th 2019) and help us spread the word!


I consider myself a social entrepreneur. I have three main interests that I consider my life’s purpose:

1) To get people up and moving: I am deeply concerned about the effects of a sedentary lifestyle on today’s kids, tweens, and teens. To address this issue I develop board games designed to help kids establish life-long healthy habits based on physical exercise, diet, and social commitment.

2) Helping non-profit organizations: Non-profits make the world go round. I have a Master’s Degree in Non-Profit Management and I’ve dedicated my time and energy to working with various groups over the last 15 years.

3) Protecting the environment: I believe in the promise of leaving a place better than I received it. I’m committed to shrinking my carbon footprint and minimizing my environmental impact on the earth.

(Juan Matias Loiseau)

I like humor, illustration, film, tango, football and my country: Argentina. I inherited my passion for illustration from my father (Caloi, the creator of Clemente).

Since 1999, I have been publishing a full-page drawing in the Sunday magazine of the newspaper La Nación (Argentina's 2nd largest national newspaper), as well as the comic strip "Tutelandia" on the back cover of the newspaper every day. My drawings have also been published in newspapers from the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama.

I am the creator of Batu, a comic strip character on which five books have been published and of Trifonia & Baldomero. I have authored 13 books published in Argentina and some in Spain, France, Mexico and Brazil.

I published two poetry books (1999 and 2000) and directed two short films: El Ángel de Dorotea (2005, which won awards at festivals in Argentina and Spain) and Abismos (2006, which won awards in Argentina and Chile).

I am also a song lyrics composer. I wrote lyrics for the singer Hernán Lucero on the CD Tangos Nuevos (2010). In 2017, I presented the album "Canciones Dibujadas," with songs I wrote interpreted by renowned musicians and accompanied by video clips of cartoons drawn by different illustrators.

Books published by Tute:

• Tute (Argentina. Sudamericana, 2007)

• Tute de bolsillo (Argentina. Sudamericana, 2007)

• Araca, corazón! (Argentina. Sudamericana, 2008)

• Batu 1 al 5 (Argentina. Sudamericana)

• Tuterapia (Argentina. Sudamericana, 2012)

• El amor es un perro verde (Argentina. Orsai, 2013)

• Trifonia & Baldomero 1 (Argentina. Sudamericana, 2013)

• Dios, el Hombre, el amor y dos o tres cosas más (Argentina. Sudamericana, 2014)

• Tutelandia 1 (Abajo la soledad) (Argentina. Sudamericana 2015)

• Planeta Tute (España. Grupo Editorial 33, 2010)

• Batu 1 y 2 (España. Bang Ediciones, 2010) en español y en catalán

• El amor es un perro verde (España. Editorial Orsai, 2013)

• Batu 1 y 2 (Francia. Bang Ediciones, 2011)

• Batu 1 (Brasil. Zarabatana, 2011)